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About Our 2012 Candidate Challenge

Billions of dollars will be spent yet again in the upcoming presidential election, yet in all likelihood only a small fraction of eligible Americans will vote. American voter participation is so low we rank in the bottom twenty percent of all nations in turnout. Worse still, confidence in the integrity of our voting system is perilously low because of efforts in more than a handful of states to restrict access to the franchise.

Yet while two-thirds of Americans are in favor of reforming our election process, there is a deafening silence in the public sphere about this vitally important issue. So we, out of respect for those who nearly half a century ago fought so hard to open the voting booth to all Americans by implementing the Voting Rights Act, are endeavoring to end the silence of good people by calling upon you to join us in an important dialogue.

We are asking all presidential candidates to what Senators Obama, McCain, Biden and nearly all 2008 presidential candidates did four years ago, to tell us, in a video response, what they would do to increase America’s historically terrible voter participation and protect the right to vote in the face of new restrictions to the franchise in the United States of America.